Do my Free Drink vouchers expire?

We ask the Breweries and Pubs to not set an expiration date. The idea behind BrewPub Tourist is that vacationers or people visiting their hometown would seek out their establishments, as well as locals. Therefore not all subscribers may be able to visit right away. The Bar owners do have the right to refuse redemption under their normal bar rules (under age, overserving, etc.) or an abnormal lengthy redemption request. 

How do I cancel?

We do always try but know realistically we can't please everyone. A great amount of effort goes into our merchandise selection so we encourage constructive feedback to help us improve our service.  You do have the right to cancel at anytime, use our "contact us" page. We started this company with the intention of supporting local businesses and promoting time with friends and family. Overall, we hope you find your experiences 100% enjoyable at the Breweries and Bars.

I have a new address, I want to change my form of payment, or I'm having trouble placing an order.

No problem. You can use our Contact Us form or call 608-778-9914. We will get back to you within 48 hours. If you call and don't hear back please try again. We are not ignoring you, we simply may not have gotten your number correct or some other human error on our part.

If I need to pay before the end of the month why won't I get my order until the next mid-month

We are working with local businesses and we do not order more drink vouchers than needed. Once we have all our orders in, our fastest suppliers need up to 7 business days for printing and shipping. Then we can mail our orders out to our subscribers.

Will you send me a ton of emails?

After your first delivery you will recieve an email invoice to sign up for automatic authorization to charge your account until you cancel. We will confirm your order which will include your purchase receipt. The only other emails are confirmations if you decide to cancel or really big news.  Otherwise we try to update you with any important information in the subscription itself.